How To Eat Healthy For Faster Recovery When You’re Not At Home


Let’s say that you have been having healthy meals both at work and at home for a month now. You stick with foods that are low in fats, calories, and cholesterol and follow your dietician’s healthy eating plans. It is supposed to help you get over your temporary disability faster than ever. 

However, a challenge suddenly hits you as your officemates are asking you to join them to dinner in one of the fancy restaurants around the block. What will you do?

We don’t live in a world of black and whites, even when sometimes it feels like we do. —

Be Open About Your Dilemma 

The first thing that you should do is remind your friends that you are on a diet, so you need to pick a restaurant that does not only serve oily and fatty meals but also serves healthier choices. Of course, not all restaurants offer to grill their chicken, fish, or other kinds of meat dishes, so you have to be willing to inquire from the staff if they can do such things before you get a table. 


Nevertheless, to make your decision-making process faster, go to a restaurant that serves fresh salads or lots of green vegetables as their side dish. This way, you can load your stomach with greens rather than grease in the form of cheeseburgers and pizzas.

Eat Small Servings If You Can’t Avoid It 

Eating out is not something to be frightened about for people who are on a diet. You have to remember to have a bit of everything, just like in buffet parties. Eating tiny servings of different dishes can please your taste buds but not make you gain thousands of calories. 

For instance, try a salad without mayonnaise. You can also get anything that has sauce in it, but it is better if you keep away from creamy sauces and stick to tomato-based sauces. Water and fruit juices are great to be paired with these meals, too.

Meeting with a nutritionist to design an individual plan based on your personal and cultural preferences and lifestyle can increase your chances of success. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.


Opt For Soups

Chowing down soups are great so that your belly will be significantly filled instantly. It will also be possible for you not to eat a lot of other stuff. However, just like with the sauces mentioned above, go for clear or vegetable soups instead of cream-based soups so that you can stay within your diet while eating a delicious soup. 

If you are in a burger joint, get a small burger with dry salad and no cheese or mayonnaise. If you are in a pizza place, choose a thin-crust pizza with more vegetables on top over a thick-crust pizza with more cheese and meat. And if you are in a restaurant where the dish servings are big enough for two people, try to eat just half of it and then take out the other half. This way, not only will you save money for your next meal, but you will also get in your diet while eating something tasty.

Many fat activists are trying to reclaim the word “fat” as a neural descriptor – in the same way that we utilize words such as “tall” vs. “short.” The problem is that in our culture the descriptor of “fat” has become synonymous with undesirable traits, such as being lazy, unattractive, and unhealthy. — Jennifer Rollin MSW, LCSW-C

Final Thoughts

When you are on a diet, it does not mean that you will never be allowed to enjoy delicious meals. You can still eat burgers and pizzas, for sure, but remember to order healthier versions of them. 

Good luck!

Reclaiming Your Life Post-Accident With A Black Outfit


Retaking control of your life after surviving an accident and sustaining the injuries that have resulted from it may not be the most straightforward task. When my best friend’s legs became paralyzed temporarily after a car crash, she had to depend on everyone around her. Her savings ran out, so her parents had to take care of her financially. She could not drive, so we took turns driving her wherever she needed to be. Those were the darkest days in my best friend’s life.

As soon as the physical therapist said that she could walk and work again, though, it was as if my best friend’s face lit up literally. After all the hugging and crying and thanking, she said, “Let me put on a black outfit now.”

Such a statement was entirely unexpected, but it did not surprise me. There is no better way of regaining your power than wearing black clothes. This color symbolizes independence and strength, you see. You won’t find weaklings putting on black garments.

If you can relate to my best friend, here’s how you can make your black outfit look better.


It’s a known fact that red and gold match black the best. Red lipstick is all you’ll need when you’re wearing black attire because it exudes sensuality and strong character to anyone who wears it. A gold necklace or watch or bracelet can add a big difference to your clothes, too. 


Think Out Of The Box

It does not mean that you can’t add more black to your outfit because you’re already wearing a black dress or shirt. You can layer your clothes, of course, as long as you know what kinds of fabric textures can make you look fantastic.

Be Unique

Don’t be afraid to wear black clothes that have spikes or cuts at unlikely places even if you like it so much and it fits you well just because some people may think wrongly of you. It’s not a bad thing to experiment with your outfit and be adventurous.


Choose The Right Shoes

People say that shoes always make clothes look better. Apart from the fact that they can protect your feet, they can also bring you to places you want to go to the most. However, you still won’t be able to go anywhere if you’re not wearing the right shoes. No matter how expensive or beautiful the pair is, it can only be right if it complements your black clothing and makes you feel comfortable.

Be Simple

Technically, wearing a black outfit is a statement already. For that reason, you should not have to wear too many accessories to attract more attention. If you’re wearing an evening gown or a semi-formal dress, for instance, simple matching pearl earrings and necklace can be the most suitable adornment for you. If you’re wearing more laidback clothes like a shirt or cottony dress, a long chain can give you that easy-going aura while still looking fresh.

Generally, black is the absence of color, so it doesn’t reflect any color. This little truth makes it a great canvas for your mix-and-match experiment while regaining control over your life. Good luck!

Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Bike Online


Purchasing a bike is easy, but selling it after getting into an accident that will prevent you from riding a two-wheeled vehicle? Sometimes it is; most times, it isn’t. If you cannot sell your bike to any of your neighbors or acquaintances, you need to bring it online. And just like everything else being sold through the internet, you will need to devise a great marketing plan. That’s the only to keep your potential buyers from doubting your sincerity. Pictures and great caption, you have to think of these things, as well as the websites where you can put it on sale.

Needless to say, going the traditional way to sell your bike can easily make your once-cool hair go gray before someone takes the bicycle out of your hands. However, why should you even suffer by going to eBay or Amazon if there are virtual bike shops to go to?


See the top 5 reasons to sell your bike online.

1. Deal With Professionals

The top 1 reason to sell your bike at a virtual store is that you can transact with people who are experts in terms of bicycle handling and appraisal. Most bikers are very passionate about their two-wheels; they will never trade it if it is not needed. If you are like these people, you can feel assured that your bike will be evaluated accordingly by those who are experts in this craft.

2. Free Valuation Available

Speaking of valuation, some shops offer it for free to potential sellers. The latter only have to go through a quick online application before the company can consider if they are going to buy the bike or not. Through the free assessment, you will have the chance to build up your bike to them by answering their form honestly. That is way better than making accounts to different sites which are quite tricky to keep up with.

3. Free Bike Collection

If and when your bike gets approved, then you do not have to worry about a single thing. The team will come to your address to personally pick up the bike and pay you. You have to be at your doorstep when they arrive. When you try to sell your bicycle elsewhere, the people you may find may not be this generous.


4. Instant Payment

Another reason why you will want to sell your bike at an online store is that paying on an installment basis is not in their books. If their specialists see that you are honest about the condition of your bike, and the owner of the company likes it, you can expect full payment to be given to you when they pick it up.

5. Straightforward Service

You go to a virtual shop in hopes of selling your bike, and that’s what you will get, assuming that your bike has passed their evaluation. If in any case, it does not meet the standards of the big boss, you will get notified about it. Furthermore, you do not need to be scared of them asking you to reimbursement their expenses during the assessment.

 Final Thoughts

When you decide to sell your bicycle post-accident, you should not have a hard time doing it. It must already pain you to think that you cannot see your beloved bike anymore, after all. Turning it into cash should not be challenging, too. 

Find an online store that buys and sells bicycles now. Good luck!

Anxiety Disorders And Social Security Disability


Anxiety Disorders – Condition And Symptoms

Anxiety is a condition wherein a person suffers from an intense feeling of apprehension, tension, or uneasiness. Anxiety can be a form of disability. For people who suffer, these feelings of nervousness and discomfort are not just as simple as that. It is a rather feelings of trauma and terror that can occur in any place, time or event in everyday life. It is hard for people with this kind of disability to function and enjoy life normally.

Some people with invisible disabilities might be willing to conceal their conditions and forego accommodations to avoid being treated differently or negatively by others. — Alecia M. Santuzzi, Ph.D.

Continue reading “Anxiety Disorders And Social Security Disability”

Dealing With Mental Illness In The Hospice

Hospices are known to be for the chronically ill, terminally ill, or severely ill due to some disease. But did you know that the people there could also be struggling with mental illnesses or other mental health issues? The patients put in hospice care are often those whose conditions may lead to their passing. As such, it can prove to be a distressing environment. It isn’t pleasant to know that you’re living in a place where you, or the people you met, may one day disappear. Continue reading “Dealing With Mental Illness In The Hospice”

Here’s Why Depression Is A Disability And Not Just “Another Mood Thing”

All of us sure know the “basic” definition of depression—a common medical issue which negatively affects how a person feels, thinks, and goes about his or her daily tasks. It is an actual disability that causes deep feelings of sadness that decrease a person’s ability to go through life enthusiastically. Two points below show how it is not just a fleeting issue of the mood but a real, deeply-entrenched disability with no specific cause and no specific cure.

Depression Happens To Those Whose Lives Seem Okay

Our understanding of depression causes us to believe that major depressive incidents bring about this feeling of sadness—failure in school, termination from work, loss of a loved one, a major accident, and the like. Sure, these could cause the depression of people under various circumstances, but the mysterious thing about the depressed is that the abovementioned incidents are not always the case.

It is critical that you communicate with your loved ones about your wishes, assets, and needs while you are physically and cognitively capable of doing so. — LuAnn Pierce, LCSW


In many instances, we would know people who seem to have everything—family, friends, money, career, love life, and all—but still find themselves with depression. And the reason for it? They cannot even think about how it started.

Depression can affect their everyday life even when everything seems to be “okay,” and it is something they can hardly explain. Depression is a cloud, a dark one, which hovers above a person in ways they cannot easily fight back, sucking the interest and enthusiasm out them, immobilizing them from doing their thing with passion and grit. This concept cannot be grasped easily by someone who has not yet gone through a deep depression—and that’s the sad thing.

A depressed person’s memory and ability to concentrate will often be impaired, too; they may also be more irritable or feel restless all the time. — Steve Bressert, Ph.D.

Depression Happens To Those Who Look Okay


People who are depressed tend to shy away from the world—even from their families and friends—in hopes of keeping their illness from being exposed and avoid any confusion, judgment, and further explaining. We can easily differentiate someone with colds from someone who has not, but we can hardly ever pinpoint at first glance someone with depression from someone who does not. Depressed people are like anyone you can meet in a day, smiling and going out as if they are indeed having a good time when, in fact, they can barely even wake up in the morning and go through their day.

However, just because physical signs do not surface for the depressed doesn’t mean they do not have it. Sometimes, the more that it is unseen, the more that it gets darker and suicidal thoughts become much more difficult to contain.

If you have a bout of depression or a depressive episode, that doesn’t stop the depression from coming back at some later time (even if successfully treated). — 

Psychiatrists have, time and again, proven in various studies that depression has something to do with the brain’s chemical make-up. Soon after the person with depression gets deeper into the dark circle of the illness, the internal brain structure changes over time.


However, depression is not permanent for all because some may experience it as a temporary episode, a season, or a passing moment, but for others, it lingers for a long time.

While a lot of things have already been written about it—and actually, a lot of people do experience it—depression remains to be an elusive topic to talk about. It still is a long way for society to embrace people with depression instead of judging them.

So the next time you check on your friends, please do them a favor: appreciate them and open up a safe space for them to speak out.