Living Life Differently


Having a disability is to live life without some of the things that people deem necessary such as the loss of sight or hearing, the inability to use the feet and hands, or other condition which hinders the normal function of a person. Yes, it is difficult to deal with these disadvantages, but it doesn’t mean we should treat them negatively.

Though it may be easy to say, people with disabilities should learn how to transform it into something positive by being an inspiration. It doesn’t always to be dull and pitiful. It may be challenging, but they should learn how to turn that frown upside down and smile!

Ways To Turn Disability To Inspiration:

Discover Things You Are Good At


Discover the talent you want to develop and give all your attention to it. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect.” Many people with disabilities made a mark in the music industry like Stevie Wonder. His blindness did not stop him from being exceptionally good. He refused to make his life revolve around his disability. Instead, he used it as a drive to be better than what he and others thought he could be. Sometimes in bettering ourselves, we don’t expect that we can turn out to be the best.

When someone has a visible disability, like needing a walker or being blind, everyone knows they are dealing with certain challenges. — Nicole S. Urdang, MS, NCC, DHM

Enroll in a music school that specializes in teaching students with disabilities. Aside from the new learnings, you get to meet new friends. You get to enhance your social skills which often lack people dealing with disabilities. The insecurity may be great, but with the right mindset, you could conquer the limitations you think you have.

Stop Focusing On What You Lack

Instead of making your life about something you do not have, pour your effort into being grateful for all that you have like your family and friends. Harness the positivity that you get from their affection and turn it into something productive like making art or creating something inspiring.

Not disclosing and requesting accommodations can be detrimental to the performance evaluations of a student or worker if the disability interferes with required tasks. — Alecia M. Santuzzi, Ph.D.

We have seen a disabled person who paints with his foot. His painting is extraordinary because of the difficulty he had to deal with to create it. Unlike people with normally functioning hands, he had to master it without the body part he needed to do it. Did it stop him from being great? No, he made his disability a motivation to be the best. He doesn’t see it as a reason for inability, a challenge maybe, but never inability.

Love Yourself For What You Are


It’s such a cliché to say “nobody is perfect,” but indeed. No one is because you cannot be everyone else. You can only be yourself that no matter the imperfection, you must learn to accept and love who you are. It doesn’t matter if you lack this and that because for whatever it may be, it is all a challenge you have to face. It may be different from most people, but it doesn’t need to be.

Never mind what others might say. There will always be people who will cause you uneasiness but never give in or be affected by them. They may be physically complete which should make them do and act better, but they choose to be inferior. Disability is never inferiority. It is our attitude that defines us.

There are plenty of reasons people put off doing these things, but often the underlying issue is fear. —

Losing one of the senses means you have to miss out on some other things, but it doesn’t take away your existence. It just signifies you have to deal with life differently. If you think of it, your understanding of the word “different” is the key because it could say to live life more meaningful and worthwhile.

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