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I Envy The Blind

November 8, 2019 • disabi26


People with disabilities often experience stereotyping and discrimination. At some point, they suffer depression because of how others make them feel. Most people are too happy in their lives that they think of others as inferior, especially the disabled. Some are too miserable that they are too preoccupied with their worries about care. However, are people with disabilities inferior? Are they pitiful, or is it the other way around?

I doubt there is a soul on this planet who would wish to have a disability. If you could have all the senses and everything you need, why not, right? However, just the other night while I was browsing a social media site, I watched terrible things happening to people. Men raped infants, there is turmoil in some of the lands, and there seemed to be no peace. It all broke my heart, but the one that crushed me so much was a picture of a six-year-old girl who was kidnapped and murdered. How can someone in his right mind do such a thing? What is happening to this world? That was the time it crossed my mind, how innocence could protect those who could not see, could not hear, or could not comprehend. For a moment, I was asking myself “Do I wish to lose my sight?” Then, I start to ponder some things.

Why Do I Envy The Blind?

I Envy Their Innocence

Unlike me, people who could not see would not be able to witness or see the horrible things that happen to this world. Who would want to see people butchered, dogs beaten to death, cats skinned alive, and more. These things are horrible, and the thought haunts me at night. I couldn’t bear to think the pain these people and animals had gone through. If only I did not see them.

I Envy Their Contentment

People nowadays have a superficial beauty. Fashion is a big deal and women undergo operations to enhance the shape of their nose and reduce the size of their body parts. People spend too much on things they think would make them pretty. Then again, I wondered. Do people who could not see care what clothes you wear? Would they care if your nose is huge, or would they bother to be friends even if you don’t have expensive stuff?


I Envy Their Happiness

What makes most of us happy? Maybe some would want to see the world, some may want to buy a house in the most expensive neighborhood, some may want to drive a fancy car, or some may want to be famous. What does a blind person wish to have to be happy? Maybe, it is safe to say eyesight, but when they have already accepted their condition, they wouldn’t want anything more but to spend the day with the people who make them safe and complete.

I’ll be a hypocrite to give up my eyesight for the possibility of knowing the answers to the questions bugging me, but somehow, I still and also wonder what people who could not see are wondering about. Are they bothered with the same thoughts as I am? Do they desperately want to know how it feels like to see? Perhaps they do, or they don’t. I wouldn’t want to ask because I don’t want to offend anyone.

People may consider their stature as either a blessing or a curse, but being able to see is beyond what the eyes can show. It is what we understand that matters. Life is more than just colors, sparkles, and shimmers. Maybe sometimes, we need to close our eyes to see truthfully.



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