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Reclaiming Your Life Post-Accident With A Black Outfit

October 14, 2019 • disabi26


Retaking control of your life after surviving an accident and sustaining the injuries that have resulted from it may not be the most straightforward task. When my best friend’s legs became paralyzed temporarily after a car crash, she had to depend on everyone around her. Her savings ran out, so her parents had to take care of her financially. She could not drive, so we took turns driving her wherever she needed to be. Those were the darkest days in my best friend’s life.

As soon as the physical therapist said that she could walk and work again, though, it was as if my best friend’s face lit up literally. After all the hugging and crying and thanking, she said, “Let me put on a black outfit now.”

Such a statement was entirely unexpected, but it did not surprise me. There is no better way of regaining your power than wearing black clothes. This color symbolizes independence and strength, you see. You won’t find weaklings putting on black garments.

If you can relate to my best friend, here’s how you can make your black outfit look better.


It’s a known fact that red and gold match black the best. Red lipstick is all you’ll need when you’re wearing black attire because it exudes sensuality and strong character to anyone who wears it. A gold necklace or watch or bracelet can add a big difference to your clothes, too. 


Think Out Of The Box

It does not mean that you can’t add more black to your outfit because you’re already wearing a black dress or shirt. You can layer your clothes, of course, as long as you know what kinds of fabric textures can make you look fantastic.

Be Unique

Don’t be afraid to wear black clothes that have spikes or cuts at unlikely places even if you like it so much and it fits you well just because some people may think wrongly of you. It’s not a bad thing to experiment with your outfit and be adventurous.


Choose The Right Shoes

People say that shoes always make clothes look better. Apart from the fact that they can protect your feet, they can also bring you to places you want to go to the most. However, you still won’t be able to go anywhere if you’re not wearing the right shoes. No matter how expensive or beautiful the pair is, it can only be right if it complements your black clothing and makes you feel comfortable.

Be Simple

Technically, wearing a black outfit is a statement already. For that reason, you should not have to wear too many accessories to attract more attention. If you’re wearing an evening gown or a semi-formal dress, for instance, simple matching pearl earrings and necklace can be the most suitable adornment for you. If you’re wearing more laidback clothes like a shirt or cottony dress, a long chain can give you that easy-going aura while still looking fresh.

Generally, black is the absence of color, so it doesn’t reflect any color. This little truth makes it a great canvas for your mix-and-match experiment while regaining control over your life. Good luck!

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