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Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Bike Online

October 7, 2019 • disabi26


Purchasing a bike is easy, but selling it after getting into an accident that will prevent you from riding a two-wheeled vehicle? Sometimes it is; most times, it isn’t. If you cannot sell your bike to any of your neighbors or acquaintances, you need to bring it online. And just like everything else being sold through the internet, you will need to devise a great marketing plan. That’s the only to keep your potential buyers from doubting your sincerity. Pictures and great caption, you have to think of these things, as well as the websites where you can put it on sale.

Needless to say, going the traditional way to sell your bike can easily make your once-cool hair go gray before someone takes the bicycle out of your hands. However, why should you even suffer by going to eBay or Amazon if there are virtual bike shops to go to?


See the top 5 reasons to sell your bike online.

1. Deal With Professionals

The top 1 reason to sell your bike at a virtual store is that you can transact with people who are experts in terms of bicycle handling and appraisal. Most bikers are very passionate about their two-wheels; they will never trade it if it is not needed. If you are like these people, you can feel assured that your bike will be evaluated accordingly by those who are experts in this craft.

2. Free Valuation Available

Speaking of valuation, some shops offer it for free to potential sellers. The latter only have to go through a quick online application before the company can consider if they are going to buy the bike or not. Through the free assessment, you will have the chance to build up your bike to them by answering their form honestly. That is way better than making accounts to different sites which are quite tricky to keep up with.

3. Free Bike Collection

If and when your bike gets approved, then you do not have to worry about a single thing. The team will come to your address to personally pick up the bike and pay you. You have to be at your doorstep when they arrive. When you try to sell your bicycle elsewhere, the people you may find may not be this generous.


4. Instant Payment

Another reason why you will want to sell your bike at an online store is that paying on an installment basis is not in their books. If their specialists see that you are honest about the condition of your bike, and the owner of the company likes it, you can expect full payment to be given to you when they pick it up.

5. Straightforward Service

You go to a virtual shop in hopes of selling your bike, and that’s what you will get, assuming that your bike has passed their evaluation. If in any case, it does not meet the standards of the big boss, you will get notified about it. Furthermore, you do not need to be scared of them asking you to reimbursement their expenses during the assessment.

 Final Thoughts

When you decide to sell your bicycle post-accident, you should not have a hard time doing it. It must already pain you to think that you cannot see your beloved bike anymore, after all. Turning it into cash should not be challenging, too. 

Find an online store that buys and sells bicycles now. Good luck!

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